May 26, 2016

June 2016 eNewsletter

Tackling the Trade Deficit with Reshoring
Reshoring and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) help balance the trade deficit by substituting domestically produced goods for imports. Many companies are finding that they can be more innovative and competitive by increasing the amount of manufacturing they do in the U.S, with the added benefit of boosting the economy with more jobs.

In the News
Become a Walmart Supplier
On June 28th Walmart is having its 2016 US Manufacturing Summit, including an “Open Call” product proposal and live online streaming. Find out the details to take advantage of this great opportunity.
Recent Reshoring and FDI Announcements
U.S. Most Competitive by 2020
Industry Week reports: “U.S. manufacturers are investing in technologies such as predictive analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smart factories, and advanced materials that will be keys to improved competitiveness in the coming years. While technology is a critical factor in future competitiveness, manufacturers rank talent as the most critical driver of competitiveness.”
Assembly Magazine is Featuring a New Bimonthly Column:
Moser on Manufacturing
Get insights on manufacturing from Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative. The first entry, the April issue, was “Manufacturing matters most” for our country, showing that a recovery of manufacturing has to be the number one priority. June’s entry expands on that theme with “Manufacturing matters most for your company too!
It Looks like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Will Be the Presidential Candidates
If anyone has connections with either campaign, please contact us. We would be pleased to provide ideas and positions on a range of issues designed to strengthen U.S. manufacturing.
Consumers Have the Power
This short video, Million American Jobs Act presents a compelling argument for how purchasing additional Made in USA products has a large impact on driving job creation.

Upcoming Events
Harry Will Be Speaking at the Following Events:

June 13: IEDC Economic Future Forum, Tulsa, OK
Topic: “Driving Reshoring and Manufacturing Job Creation”

June 16: MSSC (Manufacturing Skill Standards Council) and ACT Conference, Atlanta, GA
Topic: Influence of higher workforce skills on company location decisions.

July 13-14: D3: Dynamic Distribution Disruption Retail 2016 Summit
Topic: Furthering our mission to help retailers supply more U.S. made goods.
Joe Quinn of Walmart will be presenting on Walmart’s Made in USA program.
Use code "RESHORENOW200" for a $200 registration discount.

August 11: Mississippi Make it in America Summit, Mississippi State University, MS
Topic: Summary of a focused three-year reshoring campaign’s impact on Mississippi manufacturing.

September 12-17: IMTS 2016, Chicago, IL

Visit Upcoming Presentations for a complete schedule of events.

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